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Desktop, mobıle devıce, and browser securıty management

Solutions for IT departments and MSPs to centralize management of mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers.

Desktop Central

  • Web-based solution for managing thousands of servers, desktops, and mobile devices from a central location
  • Single-point solution provides desktop and mobile device management (MDM)
  • Holistic solution to manage all MDM activities
  • Affordable and easy-to-use solution that is within the reach of any organization

Patch Connect Plus

  • Add to the existing capabilities of Microsoft SCCM and add ability to patch third party applications
  • Uses the same SCCM patch deployment infrastructure
  • Supports updates of over 250 third party applications
  • Automates scan and deployment of patches
  • Receive notifications on status of patches deployed

Mobile Device Manager Plus

  • Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS and tvOS.
  • Install, uninstall, configure and update apps without user intervention.
  • Over 30 security restrictions and configurations for enhanced device and data security.
  • Containerize devices to eliminate user privacy concerns in a BYOD setup.
  • Monitor and allow users to access the corporate Exchange account only using enrolled devices.
  • Integrate with other solutions using publicly available APIs for comprehensive device management.

Remote Access Plus

  • HIPAA compliant advanced Remote Control to troubleshoot any issue.
  • 12+ handy tools to remotely resolve issues in lightening speed.
  • Voice, video and text chats to instantly communicate with end-users.
  • Collaborative troubleshooting with multi-monitor support.
  • User confirmation and ability to record remote sessions.
  • Real-time logging and reports.
  • Power options to optimise production costs & boost productivity.

Browser Security Plus

  • Configure and deploy policies to prevent threats and data breaches
  • Manage and control browser extensions and plugins
  • Isolate IT approved and unapproved sites to prevent data breaches
  • Ensure compliance with predefined standards like STIG and CIS

Patch Manager Plus

  • Cloud based patch automation for Windows and 250+ third party applications
  • Distributed and remote office patching
  • Automate patching process from detection to deployment
  • Regularly scan for vulnerabilities and patches
  • Pre test patches for their stability
  • User notifications, customizations and patching controls
  • Maintain continuous compliance with security standards
  • Deny patches for specific groups or applications
  • Advanced patch management reports and audits

OS Deployer

  • Imaging and deployment solution for Windows software
  • Captures the master image of a computer's Windows operating system and Windows applications
  • Deploys master image simultaneously to multiple servers, laptops, and desktops
  • Retrieves information on client computers at anytime
  • Generates comprehensive reports to audit IT assets
  • Customizes user privileges by delegating activities
  • Integrates desktop management with third-party help desks
  • Power options to optimise production costs & boost productivity.