With Cloud Security Plus, your public cloud
is in safe hands

The cloud has opened up new avenues for the ways businesses function. The easy deployment, adaptive scalability, and economical costs of the cloud platform have many organizations adopting it. However, meeting compliance needs and growing security concerns about data loss and unauthorized access hinders the tapping of the platform’s full potential.

Cloud Security Plus combats these security concerns and protects your cloud. It gives complete visibility into both your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures. The comprehensive reports, easy search mechanism, and customizable alert profiles enable you to track, analyze, and react to events happening in your cloud environments. Thus facilitating the smooth functioning of your business in a secure and protected cloud.

Securing AWS Cloud

Cloud Security Plus collects, monitors, and analyses the log data from AWS cloud platform and provides out-of-box reports and alerts for the same.

Securing Azure cloud platform

Collect, monitor, and analyse log data from Azure environment.

Monitor Salesforce User Activity

Get actionable insights on user activities in Salesforce including unusual logons, unauthorized distibution of data, and potential incidents.

Securing Google Cloud Platform

Monitor changes and get actionable insights on user activity, cloud functions, resource management, and other critical events.

Centrally manage public clouds.

Supports major public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Easily search through log data.

Find what you're looking for with the smart log search engine and the advanced search options provided.

Track every activity that happens in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Reports provide insights on user activity and any changes made to network security groups, virtual networks, DNS zones, virtual machines, databases, and storage accounts.

Granular insights on Google Cloud Platform events

Get detailed reports on network security, VPC activity, network services, hybrid connectivity, cloud functions, and App Engine.

Detailed reports for the AWS cloud environment

A number of predefined reports provide detailed information on events that occur in Amazon EC2, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Relational Database Service (RDS), Lambda, Security Token Service (STS), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), and Simple Storage Service (S3).

Proactively monitor your Salesforce environment.

Instant alerts help track potential incidents and unusual access while predefined reports help with rapid investigation of user activity by tracking who did what, when, and from where.

Alerts that keep you in the loop.

Get notifications via email when unusual activities, web attacks, anomalous trends, and other security threats occur